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I wonder...

Did you understand the economical dialogue yourself? I have a subtle, but present feeling in my groin that some of the words spoken there are not legit. Anyway, I hope you never stop doing flash animations. You have a fan in me.


kind of OK i guess

YAY irod bad!

The drawingstyle adds a little to the movie, i think it fits just about perfect.

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Uh, ok.

I'm not going to deny that this was a waste of time, but I'm not angry.

First of all, there's no purpose. That can be a hurdle for a lot of people. Maybe give it the contextof a contest? Also, maybe you could get away with calling the sharks piranhas.

Little bug

Or glitch. Whichever you prefer. I pressed right + up and j in the lower light corner in the wall jump part of the tutorial. First I fell through the ground, while losing control. and then I respawned in the same place, "walking" to the right. I kept getting achievements like surviving 15 seconds without jumping even after I finished the tutorial and got back to the main menu. Other than that, the game could use a little improvement in physics. Thanks for the game though. I was waiting for this (and still waiting for version 2).

pretty good

1. i have to agree with the stunt track.
2. a storyline, just like tekken or something.
3. a wheelchair?

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Good intro.

Man, you let it start off like WHAM and then you let the song build slowly without losing its power. The rest is a bit repetitive, but very nice to listen to. Lastly, the ending slows a bit, but doesn't fade away... Perfect!


But! you shouldn't have pushed it away as a loop. Because it fades away in the end and then it builds up again from nothing. There's simply no connection. Other than that, you did perfectly capture the words 'cold' and 'winter'.

JinNJuice responds:

Its not really a loop, but it's too short to call it a song. I might remake this one.

ehh... o.o

well, it loops good, but you can do better

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